Beauty Advisor / Brand Ambassador Services

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection of Beauty Advisor (BA) staff has been a critical issue for many companies operating in the beauty care and makeover industry. Scarcity of Human resource, gender specificity, supplemented by increasing requirements of time and professionalism makes it even more difficult to attract and retain BA staff. PR Next provides a once for all solution to overcome these challenges. With our expanding database of prospective and experienced BA professionals, we can overcome the needs of organizations regarding BA staff and our time to fill a job has been exceptional, no matter what the number requirement is.

Our Recruitment & Selection Service include following

• Developing a recruitment pool based on company specific requirements
• Scheduling Interviews
• Design of candidate’s evaluation including psychometrics
• Conducting Interviews with or without company representation (Based on needs)
• Selection of final candidates
• Preparation of employee files & records
• Store deployments